Juergen Hagedorn, the founder of TheMagicTouch and industry pioneer of the digital image transfer business, has died at the age 72 after a short illness.

Recognised as the original creator of coated image transfer papers, he formed TheMagicTouch in Germany in 1989 and saw it grow to become a global business in over 50 countries.

Born in Frankfurt, he spent the early years of his career working for leading advertising agencies before having the vision to create, invent and market the revolutionary new digital transfer process that had emerged after the arrival of the first colour copier technology.

TheMagicTouch is now a world-leading supplier of image transfer papers, heat presses, laser printers, plotter/cutters, materials and equipment. The UK business, headed by managing director Jim Nicol, was set up in 1993.

Juergen, who died on 16 April 2022, was devoted to his family and is survived by his wife Monique and his children Peter and Vivian. He was a massive fan of country music as well as the music of Jimmy Buffett and all things related to Hawaii, his favourite place on earth.

Jim, who was a founding director of TheMagicTouch GB in 1993, said: “He will be greatly missed by all connected with the transfer and personalisation business.”