Nova Chrome, a company that has traditionally focused on dye sublimation printing, has widened its equipment offering with the introduction of the Craft Express Laser Engraver

It says it was “won over by the versatility and compact size” of the non-contact CO2 laser machine. Offering a low cost of entry, the Craft Express has the ability to cut and engrave materials including hardboards, MDF, bamboo, leather, fabric and acrylic, and to engrave on glass, marble, slate and coated ceramics/aluminium.

This, combined with a large working area of 500mm x 300mm and working power of 40 watts, opens the door to many products that could not be decorated using sublimation alone.

The Craft Express offers a maximum cutting speed of 300mm/s (material dependent) and a maximum cutting depth of 15mm. It also features a safety interlock that stops the process should the cover be opened during production.

Included in the package is the Craft Express Roller. This allows engraving on to cylindrical items such as tumblers, flasks and more – all of which are available to be purchased from Nova Chrome.