Slogan clothing and accessories brand Nipa Threads in Hertfordshire has joined a local initiative to create scrubs for those on the frontline during the coronavirus crisis.

Nina Georgiou, co-owner/director of Nipa Threads, said: “I joined a Facebook group that was created to get people sewing scrubs, and I saw a post from someone in Hertfordshire needing some.

“We have a Janome sewing machine and a Jaguar over-locker in our workroom, so we were all set to go once we had purchased some fabric and a pattern.

“We’re only making a small batch of five pairs at the moment, but hopefully we can do more once these initial ones are finished.

“As a keen sewer, as soon as I came across this group, I felt compelled to help — there are people risking their lives that are in need of these scrubs.”

Nipa threads used a Janome sewing machine to create the scrubs