Atkinson Consulting is launching a newsletter to support garment decorators using the Midjourney artificial intelligence platform that turns text into images.

The weekly Midjourney Print Creativity Newsletter aims to share ideas, Midjourney prompts, practical applications, how-to tips and resources with its readers.

The focus is on providing tips and inspiration for creating stunning printed products using the images created on Midjourney. The newsletter is aimed at designers, marketers and anyone who wants to “take their print game to the next level”.

Readers of the Midjourney Print Creativity Newsletter can share their results to make it a fun and interactive experience.

Garment decoration expert Marshall Atkinson, who owns Atkinson Consulting, said: “I believe this newsletter will be a valuable resource for our users who want to create stunning printed products using the images they create on Midjourney.

“Our team has put tremendous effort into creating a fun and informative newsletter, and we can’t wait to share it with our users.”

The newsletter will be published every Monday from 29 May. Subscribers can sign up for the newsletter for $12 (about £9.60) per month at

Based in San Francisco, Midjourney was launched last year using AI to generate images created through textual descriptions.