The Better Cotton programme in Egypt is to expand with renewed collaboration between Better Cotton and the Cotton Egypt Association (CEA).

This strengthening of the programme – which fist launched in the country in 2020 – will help safeguard the future of Egyptian cotton through sustainable farming techniques, training and support for farmers, and compliance with rigorous environmental and social standards, while ensuring fair working conditions.

“By combining our expertise and resources, we can drive positive change in Egyptian cotton farming practices and secure a sustainable future for our industry,” says Khaled Schuman, executive director of the CEA. “This collaboration aligns perfectly with our vision to globally authenticate the legacy of Egyptian cotton.”

Better Cotton chief executive officer, Alan McClay, comments: “Our renewed strategic partnership with Cotton Egypt Association will allow us to build on our work to make cotton farming in the country a more climate resilient, environmentally friendly and responsible activity. We look forward to working with CEA to help Egyptian cotton communities survive and thrive, while protecting and restoring the environment.”

Egyptian cotton is celebrated around the world for its quality, and it has become a symbol of luxury in the textile industry. Modern-day challenges, including climate change, water scarcity, and fluctuating market demands pose significant threats to the sustainability of the industry. This renewed partnership will facilitate increased market access for Egyptian cotton products, ensuring a fair return for farmers and supporting the growth of the Egyptian textile industry.