Pro RTX launched its new High Visibility range at the beginning of the year. Sharon Crossan highlights the details that make these new styles shine

According to Sharon Crossan, product manager at Pro RTX, the brand’s overarching ethos is “to make multiple uniform choices available to customers to build the perfect uniform for their workforce”. It was this ethos, together with growing customer enquiries about hi-vis products and “a very successful year for Pro RTX”, that led to the launch of the new Pro RTX High Visibility range in January.

The 10 certified high-vis styles have been designed to complement the existing Pro RTX workwear uniforms. “The expansion of the popular Pro RTX core range means the two distinct workwear and high-visibility ranges can be worn separately or in combination to ensure comfort and safety in a whole range of weather and temperature conditions,” explains Sharon. “Pro RTX prides itself on the fit and durability of its collection, and it’s no different for the new, highly anticipated, high-visibility range.”

The new line includes hi-vis waistcoats available in up to 25 colour combinations, along with hi-vis T-shirts, hoodies, polos and sweatshirts, all of which are available up to size 5XL. All of the garments conform to EU regulations for hi-vis clothing and have been fully tested, with each garment given Class 1, Class 2, Class 3 or non-certified indicators.

Marketing the brand to customers is simple, says Sharon. “We are driven by our customers’ need to access quality professional clothing to allow them to be creative and build completely bespoke uniforms, and this is the message we suggest they pass on. Plus, with the widest size range available on the market, there’s a uniform to fit a team of all different sizes whilst providing the best durability.”

Garment decorators can contact Pro RTX’s marketing team via the website if they’d like help creating bespoke marketing materials to suit their audiences.

A key point to remember when adding decorations to safety workwear is to be aware of all the necessary regulations as there are minimum standards for how much of the garment’s area must be fluorescent and reflective, Sharon advises. Again, the team is happy to offer advice on decorating the new styles – just get in touch via the Pro RTX website.

Apart from the Cargo Trouser (RX760), which uses 80% polyester/20% cotton twill for comfort, all of the garments are made from 100% polyester. “This is because polyester is a much more durable fabric than cotton, for example, as it is comprised of stronger synthetic fibres.

Polyester is also lightweight and feels very smooth on the skin; a lighter weight also means more breathable workwear,” Sharon explains. Another benefit of using this fabric is its moisture-wicking properties, which keep wearers cool and dry. Sharon also points out that it takes very well to an array of print and embroidery techniques.

Sharon believes that the Waistcoat (RX700) is “a workwear essential”, noting that the 25 colour combinations offer plenty of choice when putting a uniform together and working with different logo types. A children’s style is also available (RX700J) and comes in six colours.

There are matching colours across the Waistcoat (RX700) and the Executive Waistcoat (RX705). “This allows the use of one uniform across multiple departments: for example, one department could wear a red vest, the other a red and yellow vest, and the other the red and yellow executive vest.” 

The brand is looking at adding more colours to some of the high-vis styles in 2021, as well as in the core Pro RTX range.

The HV Polo

Executive Waistcoat

A standout feature of the new styles is the collars, cuffs and hems in contrasting navy colour, which keep those areas that get the dirtiest most quickly looking clean for longer, as well as giving a smart, modern appearance. There are also matching colours in the trousers along with navy hems, allowing end users to create a coherent uniform.
“The HV Polo (RX710) will be a popular option amongst both decorators and their customers as it offers a smart, high-visibility look, complete with bold colourways and a great space for print and embroidery techniques,” she comments. “We also think the HV Hoodie (RX740) will be well favoured as it’s not common to find a hoodie that meets health and safety requirements.”

In-depth product research and an emphasis on clever design led the team to stop the reflective tape before it reached the side seams of the T-shirt and polo shirts. This made the garments easier to get on and off, allowed for a wider range of movement and breathability, and made them more comfortable to wear.