Graphtec GB has announced the release of the latest Kala XYII 1650 automatic media trimming machine, following its appointment as an authorised UK and Ireland distributor for the print finishing solutions specialist. 

The Kala XYII 1650 measures 262x120x73cm (WxHxD), which is said to make it ideal for any production environment where space availability and cost-effectiveness are prime considerations. The machine can also be used for wide range of materials in a maximum thickness of one millimetre, including paper (photo and encapsulated variants), vinyl, laminates, thermal films and banner-grade media.

Other key features include: a working width capability of 165cm, operating speeds of up to 18m/min and an LCD intuitive touchscreen control panel. The trimmer is also supplied as standard, with an aluminium feeding shaft for “seamless and hassle-free integration,” adds the company. 

“It operates directly from the LCD control panel to provide a wide choice of trimming modes, without the need for connection to a computer, and with the ability to read pre-programmed media registration marks created in most popular RIP software.”