Screen print machinery manufacturer MHM has unveiled the Shirt-Lupfer, a new automated garment unloading system for use with its presses.

Developed and produced for MHM by Wiekon, a mechanical engineering company based in southern Germany, the Shirt-Lupfer, or ‘shirt picker-up’, works in conjunction with a robotic system to streamline the garment removal process, seamlessly integrating into the production workflow.

It works by first delicately disengaging the garment from the pallet before lifting the garment up and away from the pallet and placing it on the dryer.

Unveiling the the new technology at Fespa Global Print Expo, MHM highlighted how the innovation could “supplant manual labour at the screen-printing machine, particularly addressing the physically demanding chore of extracting the print medium”.

The time taken to remove a T-shirt is eight seconds, and less than five seconds for bags.



“Unlike human counterparts, the Shirt-Lupfer never succumbs to fatigue, never takes a pause, and is unfailingly punctual, guaranteeing a consistent, flawless output with every operation,” added MHM.

With its control and user interface, the system promises flexibility and adaptability to specific production needs for tailored operations – for example, placing printed garments in separate rows on the dryer belt.

The independent system comprising the Shirt-Lupfer and robot can be  retrofitted onto existing printing presses.