Just launched schoolwear brand AWDis Academy explains what its new range of informal school uniform styles brings to the market

The new styles from AWDis Academy

AWDis Academy was launched in January this year following comments from customers, both at trade shows and through AWDis’s other websites, who said they were looking for high quality schoolwear at a competitive price. After listening to the feedback, AWDis decided to launch AWDis Academy, a range that is aimed squarely at the schoolwear market and consists of a select number of key products in a range of primary and secondary school colours and sizes.

As well as analysing customer feedback, the brand also spoke to numerous printers and embroiders that specifically supply the schoolwear market. Their combined, in-depth knowledge of the sector allowed AWDis to establish exactly which styles and colours customers required, explains the brand’s spokesperson: “The feedback and advice we received helped us to identify the most popular styles required, which shaped the range for launch.”

Customer reaction, says the brand, has so far been very positive. The spokesperson comments: “They are extremely excited that AWDis has launched a schoolwear brand.” The products can all be printed and embroidered with the names of schools and pupils along with crests and logos.

All the garments in the current AWDis Academy range, which consists of cardigans, V-neck sweatshirts and raglan sweatshirts, are quite informal. “More and more schools are going for a more casual look with their uniforms. We have, however, acknowledged that where a more formal uniform is required, pupils can still wear a school shirt and tie with our products. Our AC003 Academy V-Neck sweatshirt – and the kids’ version, the AC003J Kids Academy V-Neck Sweatshirt – were designed with this in mind.”

Although the launch range currently consists of tops only, the brand already is considering further options. “As with all AWDis brands, we are consistently looking at new ideas and products that our customers are searching for and AWDis Academy is no different. Feedback from schoolwear suppliers is encouraged so we can expand our range accordingly based on what the schoolwear market requires.”

The range has been designed to appeal across the schoolwear market thanks to its durability, comfort and competitive pricing, says the brand. “Garment decorators are looking for quality, durable garments that are competitively priced and backed by a good colour and size range from a brand that is already known for these things in the industry. With the aid of our brochures, colour cards, website and, of course, the AWDis brand name, garment decorators can be assured that they will be able to supply quality products in a range of sizes and colours suitable for any opportunity that arises.”