International Coatings has introduced a new version of its Guardian Gray 7043 bleed blocker after an improvement to the formula.

The newly improved bleed-blocking under-base is said to be even better than before at combating dye migration on polyester, fleece and performance fabrics, including highly volatile sublimated polyester substrates such as camouflage sweats.

Guardian bleed blockers, made with proprietary formulae using unique hybrid technology, are part of International Coatings’ FlexCure line of products.

They can cure at a low 135C to stem dye migration, are fast flashing and print “beautifully” through 34-63 t/cm (86-160 t/in) screen mesh.

International Coatings reported that, when beta tested at independent printing companies, many reported that the improved Guardian Gray 7043 is easier to work with than other bleed blockers tested and that it yielded better blocking results, especially with hard-to-block sublimated polyester fabrics.

Guardian Gray 7043 can also be combined with International Coatings’ Stretch Additive 1199 when printed on elastic or stretch athletic fabrics.

Guardian bleed blockers are available through International Coatings’ exclusive network of distributor companies including Screen Print World in the UK.