Sabur adds the Fabrijet DGI FT-1604 sublimation printer to its DGI range

Digital machine and consumables supplier Sabur now has the new Fabrijet DGI FT-1604 sublimation printer on display in its Barnsley showroom for customers to try. The company announced that it would be adding the DGI FT-1604 to its range earlier this year.

The DGI FT-1604 uses the same design as its bigger sibling, the DGI FT-1608, but has four print heads rather than eight. Sabur commented: “What you get are all of the ‘industrial’ features of the 1608, such as the heavy duty take-up, lightweight paper usage and economical sublimation inks, but a huge bonus is that you have the option at any time to easily upgrade the DGI FT-1604 machine to the DGI FT-1608.

“This is massively cost-effective for you and your company as it means that you don’t have to pay the full price for another printer, only a small upgrade charge. And because it is on the same single footprint, it doesn’t need additional space, either.”

According to Sabur, the DGI FT-1604 has true production print speeds of up to 56m2/h and upgraded production speeds of up to 110m2/h.

The DGI FT-1604 sublimation printer has an RRP of £23,000, which includes three years’ warranty. The company supplies a range of products from South Korean company DGI, including the DGI FT-3204X, DGI FD-1908, DGI FD-1904, DGI HSFT and the DGI HSFT II.