Digital inkjet specialist Inkcups has launched a digital printer for direct-to-bag applications.

The Xjet Switch is the first UV flatbed printing machine formulated with high-quality bag decoration in mind, says the company. It produces full CMYKWW (highly opaque white) images directly onto a variety of bags and hard goods, making it an ideal solution for decorating reusable bags made from a wide range of materials.

Features also include four customisable rotating platens, instant UV light curing capability with two 16W adjustable lamps, continuous printing design for loading and unloading while the machine is printing, and automatic purging, wiping, and caping stations.

“This direct-to-bag printer generated a tremendous amount of excitement among our customers, who have been eagerly seeking a consistent and sustainable way to decorate reusable bags,” said Inkcups CEO Benjamin Adner. “This innovative machine serves as the perfect solution to their needs, for tote bags and beyond, and we hope to exceed their expectations.”

The industrial printer is specifically designed for a 3-shift production setup, enabling rapid prints with exceptional quality. Paired with the highly flexible XFLEXX UV Ink series, the Xjet Switch can decorate an extensive range of reusable bags, eliminating the risk of cracking or distorting as the bag naturally moves with use.