Several “valuable” updates have been introduced today for CorelDraw Graphics Suite, the professional graphic design solution.

The updates, available to subscribers, are designed to allow designers and decorators to maximise their creativity and productivity while remaining connected with clients and colleagues in real time.

It means the all-in-one design solution can deliver a new “personalised learning experience” that empowers users to expand their knowledge and skills tailored to their unique needs and interests.

At the same time, access to real-time collaboration is intended to make it easy for clients and teams to work together from anywhere.

The updates also include accelerated photo editing alongside timesaving enhancements to a variety of features across the suite, making it faster than ever for subscribers to use.

John Falsetto, head of graphics and productivity products at Corel, said: “The way we work has changed dramatically and employees need solutions that empower them to tap into their creative genius, collaborate with others, and remain highly connected.

“The latest updates to CorelDraw Graphics Suite accelerate our mission to democratise design and unlock the power of creativity across any business.

“Organisations can now benefit from the diverse minds and ideas in their workforces rather than restricting creativity to specific departments, improving employee engagement, boosting productivity, and driving business growth.”

The updates mean that CorelDraw Graphics Suite subscribers can enjoy a more flexible way to stay up to date with access to the newest tools, enhanced features, learning materials, additional fonts, creative templates and support for the latest technologies.

New subscriber-exclusive updates include the ability to create images fast with enhancements to photo editing. It allows for new non-destructive stackable adjustment presets and results up to 10 times faster through the enhanced Adjustments docker/inspector in Corel Photo-Paint.

Additional adjustment filters and new editing options for existing filters help make it quicker than ever to produce high-quality results. The new image adjustment workflow lets you organise presets into custom categories or choose from a new collection of curated preset styles. You can also now save adjustment filter settings for easy use later.

The updates allow users to learn new skills and techniques through access to a personalised learning experience. You can find recommended learning content based on how you work and what you want to see in the Learn docker/inspector, and search online content as you create from the Explore tab.

New enhancements requested by users accelerate workflow and offer boosted productivity. They provide access to a variety of modern new templates to inspire creativity and customise templates with ease to produce unique designs.

Users can add pages faster with less manual arranging, and view and resize pages more naturally thanks to improvements to Pages. There is also new support for TIFF, EPS, and SVG in the multi-asset export workflow.

A new product feedback loop empowers designers to contribute directly to the future design of CorelDraw Graphics Suite with the ability to submit development ideas and vote on suggestions presented by others.

CorelDraw Graphics Suite is available on Windows, macOS, web, iPad and mobile in a variety of languages including English.