Roland has launched the new Versa Studio BN2 series of printers, which incorporates new features and faster print speeds.

The BN2-20 and the BN2-20A are ideal for printing to t-shirts, bags and other accessories. The advanced print and cut technology allows for complex shapes in a seamless automated workflow, while the high-definition print heads, inks and software ensure professional results.

Both models come with Flexi Designer Versa Studio Edition  and Versa Works 6 design and output software included.

The compact design means the printers are ideally suited to small spaces, such as home-based businesses, offices or shops, and because they’re easy to use, no printing experience is required.

“Since the first model was introduced, over 25,000 units of the BN Series have been sold, encouraging the taking on of new challenges by many different customer segments,” said Tony Miller, president of Roland DG’s Global Sales and Marketing Division.

“With further advances in productivity and usability, the BN2 series opens the door to greater creativity and business success for even more people.”