Avient Corporation has launched a new consolidated range of its plastisol special effects screen printing inks and additives.

Offered under the new ‘Avient Specialty Inks’ brand, this consolidated portfolio unifies our highest-performing specialty inks to make it easier for customers to access these products globally, explained Avient.

“Encompassing the most popular effects and additives, this portfolio offers dazzling shimmers, glitters, gels, texture effects and performance-enhancing modifiers.

“They’re compatible for use with all screen-printing plastisol ink brands from Avient, including QCM, Rutland, Union and Wilflex.”

Tito Echiburu, general manager at Avient Specialty Inks, added: “With this initial launch under the new Avient Specialty Inks brand, we are offering all our customers a complete package of the best special effects and additive inks to simplify product selection, making it easier for customers around the world to select and order the right products for their needs.”