Stedman is brightening up the market and stretching your sales potential with the launch of five new bold all-over designs across a number of its activewear styles

These new limited edition stand-out designs have been added to Stedman’s Performance T-shirts, as well as its Active Performance Pants, which the brand introduced at the beginning of this year. The new, eye-catching patterns are called universe, reflection, structure, future black and future pink.

“We are seeing a significant trend of very colourful and patterned fabrics in new season collections,” comments Iain Boyd, Stedman’s senior sales manager in the UK. “What’s more, it is technical fabrics that are leading the trend. We see it everywhere in the sports and active collections in stores around the world. The look is bold and quite striking and clearly is a signal that people want to wear more adventurous designs. You only have to look at the leading sportswear brands which are clearly feeding that demand.

The Stedman Active Performance Pants (ST8888) – inspired by running tights and featuring a functional and flattering fit – now come in future pink, universe, asphalt (a heathered dark grey) and black opal (solid black). The men’s style (ST8866) comes in black opal. The Women’s Active Sports-Ts (ST8100) come in future pink, reflection, structure and universe as well as 10 existing solid colours (the men’s style ST8000 comes in future black, reflection, structure and universe, and nine solid colours). All these new styles are made from a fast-drying, moisture-wicking fabric and feature flatlock seams for a comfortable, friction-free fit.

“Sublimate, print or transfer, flock or flex all perform with an excellent finish,” Iain explains. “These new Stedman technical fabrics can be decorated the same way as our existing polyester and elastane Active styles. The decoration and design can be very subtle or much more intricate; we see contrast designs used to complement the patterns or stand out against the background colours. That’s part of the appeal, the final look of the decorated garment is very new and exciting.”

While the primary appeal of these garments will naturally be the activity and sports sector, the rise of athleisure means that the garments are likely to appeal to a wider audience than traditionally expected with activewear. “Whether it’s the gym, yoga, fitness or team sports, these styles will be right at home,” says Iain. “In fact, even at home we now see that leisure dressing incorporates more layers of activewear than ever before. These functional styles are in demand in both retail and promotion.”

The feedback so far has been great, says Iain, adding: “First impressions are a ‘wow’ with most people we show the styles to. Remember, there is nothing like this in the promotional apparel industry. These are truly breakthrough styles and designs, hence the ‘wow’ response… It’s innovation, it’s new!”

The Stedman Active Performance Pants in future pink

Future pink

Future black