Result Clothing has announced that a selection of its garments can now be washed at 60°C.

The Apex Pocket Polo Shirt (R312X), Junior Microfleece Jacket (R114J) and Women’s Printable Softshell (R231F) are amongst the garments that have been tested and passed for suitability in a 60°C wash.

The company’s in-house tests monitored the garments for possible delamination, distortion, shrinkage and colour run when washed at 60°C, which it says is “the ideal wash temperature for killing bacteria”.

The Apex Pocket Polo Shirt (R312X)

The Junior Microfleece Jacket (R114J) 

The Women’s Printable Softshell (R231F)

“Whilst current stock of these styles may still have 40°C wash label instructions, on-going production wash labels have been updated to show their new 60°C wash status,” added Result.