Custom clothing and personalised workwear supplier MyWorkwear has revealed a major expansion drive, after seeing a surge in orders during the third coronavirus lockdown.

The Telford-based company said it has bounced back from an initial drop in orders 12 months ago to see a £300,000 increase in sales, with a number of contracts — from coffee shops and caravan parks to entertainers and bakeries — being placed in the last few months.

“Like many in business, we were slightly concerned with what 2021 would bring with the announcement of lockdown three, mixed with the UK leaving the EU,” explained James Worthington, managing director of MyWorkwear.

“However, we have seen the opposite — online sales have continued to increase rapidly and, as confidence starts to return, we have also seen growth in the number of traditional tenders.”

The reduction of Covid-19 cases and the success of the vaccination programme has helped lift optimism, added James.

“We’ve responded by increasing the workforce to 25 and putting on additional shifts that maximise the power of our recently purchased eight-head Tajima TFMX-IIC1508 machine.

“In the last few months, we’ve invested in three new starters for the office/production, and are working with Shropshire Chamber of Commerce to recruit a further three people on the Kickstart scheme.

“As we emerge from lockdown, it’s vital that we do our bit to support businesses and offer employment opportunities for young people who have been badly affected by the pandemic.”