​TheMagicTouch (TMT) in the UK and Ireland is lowering the entry point to DTF (direct-to-film) printing with the launch of the new, Mutoh/STS VJ-628D desktop printer.

Introduced under TMT’s DTFMagic brand, the compact VJ-628D is manufactured by Mutoh in Japan. The printer is based on the proven Valuejet 628 8-channel chassis with an Epson industrial print head.  At just 630mm wide, it easily fits onto an office table or rolling stand option.

The new model prints directly to coated PET film and the printed image then has a powder adhesive applied. This is done using an automatic ‘shake and bake’ unit or, for auto cut-sheet or roll-to-sheet prints, by curing the film at up to 95°C in a “unique” desktop curing oven.

“Having considered over the past 12 months the great response and uptake of DTF technology, combined with the success of those now using the process in production environments, we must ensure we are able to offer the right solution for specific customer needs,” explained Jim Nicol, TMT’s managing director. “The existing R-Jet Pro DTF DTF600 printer is truly fantastic and offers real transfer production capabilities up to 15 sqm per hour, but we strongly feel the size and space requirement is restrictive for many potential users. This new desktop option is perfect despite the slower production speed”.

The VJ-628D is driven by bespoke RIP software. This ensures fast processing speeds, enhanced printing-while-ripping, and user-defined, custom cut-line names and colours, reported Jim Nicol.  “The pre-production cost per transfer feature is also very useful, as the user is able to price each transfer to an exact cost.”

The DTF transfers printed on the Mutoh/STS VJ-628D printer work on white or dark textiles and offer either a matt or gloss finish. The process requires no pre-treatment, cutting or weeding. It creates crisp and defined edges and images, does not require advanced technical printing knowledge, and produces less waste, according to DTFMagic.

The Mutoh/STS VJ-628D solution DTFMagic is offering stems from a global collaboration between Mutoh and ink manufacturer STS. It has been configured to deliver the best entry-level option for those looking to investigate DTF transfer technology.

STS, based in Florida, USA, has over 20 years’ experience in ink manufacturing and its DTF inks are said to exhibit “superb elasticity and durability onto most garments and textiles regardless of composition or colour”. The CMYK and white inks are supplied in cartridge and bulk bag options and are all fully certified.

The expected arrival of stock in the UK is mid-January and in the meantime the system can be demonstrated via Zoom or in person at TMT’s Dunstable showroom. Printed samples and transfers are also avavailable for evaluation. All pricing is inclusive of delivery, installation and training combined with a one year warranty.