The Eco Rinse reduces both water consumption and labour costs

“The i-Image S is so affordable and feature-rich that it’s quickly becoming the most popular way for small and mid-size shops to get into computer-to-screen imaging without compromising quality or durability,” reports M&R.

The i-Image S features the same proprietary RIP software, print head, output quality and image area as M&R’s well-known i-Image ST 36-1, but has a smaller footprint and the ability to image up to 100 screens per shift. It features M&R’s exclusive Tri-Sync System, which the company says virtually eliminates improper screen alignment by using three electronically-linked stop points; when a screen frame is correctly loaded, green LEDs let operators know they can proceed. It is part of the i-Image Series, which includes the i-Image ST and oversize i-Image X imaging systems, and the i-Image STE I and oversize i-Image XE imaging/exposure systems.

Also from M&R is the Eco-Rinse, an automatic screen rinsing system that uses simultaneous sprays from both sides of the screen to maintain screen tension and extend screen life. M&R says it reduces water consumption thanks to only applying the precise amount of water needed to clean the screen – the company reports that typically, Eco-Rinse uses less than half the water used in manual rinsing.

Finally, M&R offers the Uni-Kote, an automatic screen coating machine that has front and rear screen coaters that can apply emulsion in tandem or independently.


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