The Sprint 3000 Dryer from M&R

According to M&R, the Sprint 3000 is “the world’s most innovative and dependable gas dryer”. Its large touchscreen controller features icon-based labelling and can display information and commands in multiple languages. It also displays real-time performance data, including temperature, temperature history and output from the temperature probe.

“M&R’s AccuSet retention-time belt-speed controller makes it easy to duplicate settings and eliminates the need to convert metres-per-minute into the time substrates will spend in the heat chamber,” explains the company. “And M&R’s DynaBelt dynamic belt-speed controller automatically sets the conveyor belt to its minimum speed upon dryer start-up and to its maximum speed upon dryer shutdown.”

Sprint 3000’s variable-frequency AC-drive motor powers M&R’s Teflon-coated fibreglass Patriot Belt with the SureTrak roller system. The red flexible bead stitched along one edge of the Patriot Belt rides in grooves machined into the large anodized aluminium SureTrak rollers. “It’s the most precise dryer belt tracking available,” says the company. “M&R’s optional Crossover Belt System, with independently variable speeds and instant change of direction on double or triple-belt drives, is a game-changing approach to split-belt curing.”

Sprint 3000 dryers are available in a wide variety of configurations, belt widths and chamber lengths.


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