Equipment manufacturer M&R has released the Gauntlet 4 automatic screen printing press.

The carousel press combines enhanced ‘Cobra-style’ print heads with an updated version of the Gauntet III/Challenger III’s servo-driven belt drive indexing system.

“Gauntlet 4’s print heads include single front and rear screen lift/lower cylinders for simplicity and reliability, single-point off-contact adjustment on each screen holder for convenience, plus M&R’s exclusive ‘zero backlash’ micro-registration system,” explains the manufacturer. 

It also features new digital membrane switch print head controls with digital speed display, which enable setting squeegee and floodbar speeds from the press’ main HMI. The new, larger 15.6” HMI promises higher resolution and an improved tablet-style user interface.

“Gauntlet 4’s optimised lower carousel and pallet arm designs ensure maximum rigidity for unsurpassed print quality, and all Gauntlet 4 models are equipped with M&R’s revolutionary Tri-Sync pallet arm and Tri-Sync pallet for the fastest possible set-up times. The Tri-Sync system also simplifies the addition of the M&R DS-4000 Digital Squeegee Hybrid Printing System.”

It also includes M&R’s Ink Dip and Squeegee Dam features for productivity and versatility.

There are six machine configurations available:
Gauntlet 4 50×50 (20” x 20” maximum image area, 26” x 36” maximum screen size)
Gauntlet 4 50×70 (20” x 28” maximum image area, 26” x 43” maximum screen size)

Both formats are available in 14-colour/16-station, 16-colour/18-station and 18-colour/20-station.