M&R has added the new Red Chili DX to its line of quartz flash cure systems. The freestanding Red Chili DX offers many features – including flash duration, power level, temperature sensor and programmed, individual, multi-function settings – all of which  can be operated directly from the newer, compatible M&R presses, such as the Challenger III, Gauntlet III and Stryker.

The Red Chili DX uses medium-wave sealed tungsten filament quartz lamps with adjustable intensity. The instant-on flash cure technology reverts to standby status when the screen printing press is idle, conserving energy, and the curing lamps are divided into three flashing zones that can be operated independently or in any combination. The use of fewer flash cure zones on small screen print areas reduces ambient heat, lowers energy costs and leads to faster substrate cooling.

Flash-cure duration can be controlled by a digital timer or by M&R’s exclusive InkSense substrate temperature sensor, which automatically shuts off the flash cure unit when the substrate reaches an operator-set temperature. This helps to prevent over-flashing, which is a major cause of dye migration and synthetic garment shrinkage.

An adjustable sensor switch can be positioned on either side of the unit, which activates the flash when the printing pallet approaches. The Red Chili DX also features a communication socket that offers two additional methods of controlling the flash: a communication cable and a pedal. The curing module is mounted on a height-adjustable floor stand.

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