M&R has a number of new launches this month, including the new HotHead Fabric Compression System. This system gives garment decorators two ways to apply heat and pressure to fabric for fibre matting, ink smoothing, foil transfer, on-press ink discharging and other speciality processes.

It features a multi-function LCD display to set temperature and heater type, and the control module, which is mounted on the print head arm, works with two heat modules: the HotHead Roller applies heat and pressure using a rolling cylinder; and the HotHead FlatIron applies heat and pressure by gliding a flat, smooth, metal surface across the substrate. Each heat module is sold separately, and uses thermal couples and pre-programmed logic to maintain constant temperatures, which range from room temperature to 204°C.

Also new from M&R this month is the i-Image S Computer-to-Screen Imaging System. It features the same software, print head, output quality and image area as the i-Image ST-36-1, but with a smaller footprint (it can fit through an 81 cm doorway) and with what M&R calls “exceptional pricing”. The company says it has the ability to image up to 100 screens per shift, adding, “It’s the ideal choice for small to medium-size printshops.”

According to M&R, i-Image S “includes computer, monitor, and proprietary software that give operators complete control of print parameters, producing high-quality screen images at production-level speed. To optimise productivity, every CTS-generated screen is pre-registered for M&R’s Tri-Loc. And M&R’s Tri-Sync System helps ensure perfect screen alignment on Tri-Loc registration frames by confirming when the screen is properly positioned for imaging.” It also uses water-based, UV-blocking ink and high resolution computer-to-screen inkjet printer technology.

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