M&R Global has unveiled its newest automatic screen-printing press, the Copperhead Intel, designed for mass production.

Introduced to the European market at Fespa Global Print Expo in Berlin last week, it is expandable from 20 to 64 stations. It follows the launch of M&R’s first Copperhead press in August 2020.

Key features of the Copperhead Intel include automatic tensioning and a centralised pallet-locking system for precise registration.

Using patented technology, it features an advanced pneumatic squeegee pressure equaliser system which provides consistent print pressure across the whole print area.

Copperhead Intel

Like all M&R presses, the Copperhead Intel is manufactured in India by DCC Group which partnered M&R Printing Equipment to form M&R Global.

Dhaval Dadia, managing director of DCC Group, said: “The Copperhead Intel is very smooth and very fast, made from solid steel plate with high-quality specifications.

“The squeegee pressure equaliser system means that the operator doesn’t have to adjust anything. It is consistent across all the print heads.”

M&R Global’s stand at Fespa Global Print Expo 2022 also featured the Copperhead Rival, the Sprint 3000 gas screen printing conveyor dryer and the Cobra automatic screen-print press running with the Red Chili DX quartz flash cure unit and the M&R Hybrid DS-4000 Digital Squeegee.

M&R’s screen print presses are distributed in the UK by Screen Print World.


Pictured below (left to right): DCC Group managing director Dhaval Dadia, DCC Group chairman Narendra Dadia, M&R CEO Danny Sweem and M&R chief commercial officer Dave Blake with the Copperhead Intel at Fespa Global Print Expo 2022 in Berlin

M&R Global team