This fantastic dragon embroidery design was created by YES’s software technician Steve Gilbert

The dragon design features a staggering 182,704 stitches with 53 colour changes, 714 jump stitches and 15 colours: Kelly green, yellow, cream, black, orange, maroon, scarlet, wheat, brown, British racing green, steel blue, Carolina blue, Persian red, golden poppy and light blue. The threads are Fufu 40s polyester, chosen because of their shine.

It took 40 hours to digitise the design and 250 minutes to stitch it onto a canvas bag using an SWF six-head embroidery machine. “If you ran it on one of our high-speed machines, this would be even quicker!” adds Steve.

The dragon took more than four hours to embroider

The design is made up of 182,704 stitches

Check out the breathtaking level of detail

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