Launched in September, the Looking Glass T-shirt from fashion brand MisRep is one of the most inventive styles we’ve seen in a while with its use of a reflective ‘mirror’ panel surrounded by a DTG-printed frame

The tee, like the other garments from MisRep, has been produced by Identity Printing. The Manchester-based digital printing company was initially approached by MisRep last year about its printing services, and ended up taking a 50% share in the brand. It’s a tactic that’s paid off, reports managing director Leo Stanley: “If we had not had the lockdown, we feel that £900K turnover would have been achieved by Christmas 2020; however, we are still very happy with the way it is going.”

While the process used to achieve the mirror effect on the Looking Glass tee is “classified”, the mirror’s frame is printed using the company’s two Ricoh Ri 1000 DTG printers, (with its Ri 6000 used to print designs on sweatshirts). The three Ricoh printers were purchased over the last 12 months from Resolute DTG as part of its Green Button System, which includes Resolute’s own RIP technology.

The Looking Glass design is being printed on-demand on Original FNB Unisex Organic T-Shirts (FB1901) from PenCarrie, and shipped directly to the customer within three to five days. Identity Printing’s production manager Zahid Ali says this turnaround is possible thanks to the reliability of the Ricoh devices.

“Other DTG printers we’ve used in the past have been prone to problems but our Ricoh printers work trouble-free with minimum maintenance,” he comments. “It only takes five or 10 minutes to clean parts like the print heads to prevent any issues. It’s a nice feeling to come into work in the mornings and know they will just work.”

When asked how customers have reacted to the Looking Glass design, Leo replies: “The response? We are trying to catch our breath – unbelievable!”

Identity Printing produces the Looking Glass T-shirt from MisRep on Ricoh Ri 1000 DTG printers