Mina Group in Blackpool has produced embroidered rainbow fleeces to show support for key workers and help raise money for NHS charities.

Jake Adams, director of Mina Group, said: “We all have family members who have been working within the hospitals, particularly on Covid-19 positive wards, acting as key workers such as teaching, volunteering etc. We just thought, as well as raising money for NHS charities, why don’t we create something for our key workers to show recognition towards their heroic efforts in fighting Covid-19 and protecting our nation.

“And not only that, but to create a product that has a positive lasting memory for them, to make them feel proud of their role, to add a splash of colour to their day. The rainbow inspired design symbolises both hope and promise, and the good things to come – in that we will beat Covid-19.”

Mina Group used two dual-head and one single-head embroidery machine from Tees R Us to create its design, embroidering onto the Pro Fleece Jacket (RX402) from Pro RTX. The company has also created fundraising mugs, and so far, has had approx. 350 sales from across the UK.

“We first launched our idea on our Facebook page, and were overwhelmed by the amazing response that we had,” explained Shanice.

“This gave us the incentive to create our website, www.mynhsrainbow.com, to make it easier for customers to place their orders.”


Mina Group embroidered the Pro Fleece Jacket from Pro RTX