Mimaki has created three new software solutions: the Artista Textile Color Collection; Mimaki Profile Master 3 (MPM3) for advanced printer profiling; and RasterLink6 Version 5.0. All three have been designed to help printers deliver accurate, repeatable colour across multiple devices and locations.

According to Mimaki, colour matching is an issue for those in the garment industry thanks to a lack of standardised colour chart to ensure consistency from design to production. The Artista Textile Color Collection has been created for sublimation printers, with the aim of allowing users to achieve the colour they want without going down the trial and error route.

The Mimaki Profile Master 3 (MPM3) colour management software allows users to produce equivalent colours across multiple media types and printers. Hybrid Services, the exclusive UK and Ireland distributors, explains that it is easy to use and requires no special colour knowledge.

The final software, RasterLink6 Version 5, now includes the Pantone Color Collection. This is in addition to the Adobe Illustrator-compatible DIC colour collection and Mimaki’s original colour collections including metallic. As well as being able to set a measured colour as a replacement colour, the software also allows frequently used colours to be stored in a customised colour collection for fast retrieval.


photo: The Mimaki Profile Master 3