The Oeko-Tex Step accreditation, which is used for garments supplied in the UK, has hit the milestone of 1,000 production facilities.

It commits manufacturers and mills around the world to ensure that textiles are produced through environmentally friendly processes, in socially responsible working conditions.

Now over 1,000 facilities have achieved the Step certification (written as STeP for Sustainable Textile & Leather Production) in 56 countries including Bangladesh, India and Turkey.

Each facility is committed to measuring its environmental performance regarding air, water and sludge, including their carbon footprint and water usage.

Adrian Meili, product manager and lead auditor at Oeko-Tex testing company Testex AG Group, said: “For sustainable production, Step certification is an imperative standard. With its comprehensive and holistic approach, worldwide recognition and independent verification, it provides a credible and trustworthy system.”

Oeko-Tex Step certification is carried by garments supplied in the UK including many in the Kustom Kit and Brook Taverner ranges.