The winning entries at this year’s Fespa Awards were, as ever, stunning. Midi Print, from Moscow, Russia, won the category for Special effect on T-shirts, garments and other textiles with its beautiful Music and Life print

President and CEO of Midi Print, Artem Nadirashvili, explains the inspiration behind the winning design. “Emilie Autumn is an American singer-songwriter, poet, violinist and actress. Autumn’s musical style has been described by her as ‘Fairy Pop’, ‘Fantasy Rock’ or ‘Victoriandustrial’. Nobody would be left indifferent listening to her music, and to emphasise that her music comes from the heart we decided to mark hearts using plastisol inks in our Print Magic Metalux patented technology, which is designed to simulate laser engraving and micro-embossing.

“As a person changes viewing angles, reflected light creates the illusion of motion. Using special effects and metallised silver inks on the background, we have added an air of mystery and captured Emilie fantastically, from the passion she puts into her work to the little details she puts in the lyrics. The combination of different effects and our patented technology catches people’s attention and creates an effect of motion.”

The fabric is made from 92% cotton/8% Lycra, and it was discharge printed at 90 lpi using an MHM S-Type automatic press.


Patented Print Magic Metalux technology simulates laser engraving and micro-embossing on the hearts