Coming soon to PenCarrie – new stylish and comfy hoodies, fleece and bomber jacket

Next Level started with a simple but powerful idea: create a favourite tee crafted from superior fabrics in sizes and fits for real people. “The range gives you the freedom to choose a garment worthy of your message or design, destroying the notion of disposable clothing,” says the brand. “Next Level has continued to offer innovative fabric blends, utilising ringspun cotton fabrics that are ‘heavenly soft’, to build one of the industry’s hottest fashion blank tee brands – and fastest-growing brand in the US market.” Continuing the success of Next Level’s growth in the US and extended reach in countries including Canada and Australia, PenCarrie has added six new sweatshirt styles for mid-year: “With 26 fantastic Next Level styles at PenCarrie, you have the freedom to choose,” says the distributor.

Printers’ favourite

The new styles are the NX9303 Fleece Pullover Hoodie, NX6092 Fleece Zip Hoodie, NX9001 Crew Neck Fleece with Pocket, NX9603 Women’s PCH Raglan Zip Hoodie, NX9300 PCH Pullover Hoodie and NX9700 PCH Bomber Jacket. The NX9303 Fleece Pullover Hoodie, NX6092 Fleece Zip Hoodie and NX9001 Crew Neck Fleece with Pocket are crafted from 80% cotton/20% polyester. Next Level has taken the “printers’ favourite” NX1600 Unisex Crew Neck T-Shirt and created three sweats with the same great printable finish combined with the softness of a cosy sweat. A 100% cotton face makes these products ideal for discharge and DTG printing.

NX9300 PCH Pullover Hoodie

NX9603 Women’s PCH Raglan Zip Hoodie

The lining of the hoods on the NX9303 Fleece Pullover Hoodie and NX6092 Fleece Zip Hoodie is made from T-shirt scraps from Next Level’s T-shirt manufacturing, creating “a lovely connection between T-shirt and sweatshirt”. Both the fleece pullover hoodie and fleece zip hoodie feature a locker patch for a printable label. Also made from T-shirt scraps, the locker patch is designed to offer fantastic printing possibilities on an easy-to-print surface. The brand describes the NX9001 Crew Neck Fleece with Pocket as, “a fantastic alternative to the traditional hoodie, offering all the comfort of a sweatshirt but with a handy front pocket”.

CVC fabric

Inspired by Next Level’s top-selling CVC fabric, the NX9603 Women’s PCH Raglan Zip Hoodie, NX9300 PCH Pullover Hoodie and NX9700 PCH Bomber Jacket are made from 60% cotton/40% polyester. The heathered fleece is the perfect complement to the CVC collection, providing durability and printability. The CVC fabric can be seen woven into the detail of the NX9603 Women’s PCH Raglan Zip Hoodie, NX9300 PCH Pullover Hoodie and NX9700 PCH Bomber Jacket in terms of the printable finish. The hoodies and locker patches on these garments are also made with the same T-shirt scraps from the brand’s T-shirt manufacturing, continuing the “streamlined connection” between T-shirt and sweatshirt.

“The intention with the NX9300 PCH Pullover Hoodie was to create a California beachwear feel – achieved through heathered fleece in heather colours and an exceptionally soft and fluffy feel,” Next Level explains. The brand adds that the NX9700 PCH Bomber Jacket offers a cosy alternative to other bombers due to its super-soft heathered fleece fabric. “The locker patch creates a lovely detail on the back of the garment, and the ability to print on the inside of the locker patch makes this style ideal for retail.” The NX9603 PCH Ladies Zip Hoodie offers a flattering cut for women in the same 60% cotton/40% polyester mix. All of the new sweat styles feature TearAway labels – ideal for decoration and re-branding – and are available to pre-order from August 2019.