New range reaffirms brand’s commitment to use only sustainable fibres

Plastic pollution is undeniably big news, points out Mantis World. “Whether it‘s beach cleans, campaigns against plastic straws and packaging, the reduction in carrier bag use, the promotion of re-usable coffee cups or ‘Blue Planet‘, it’s safe to say that there is a heightened awareness of what plastics are doing to the environment and we are changing our ways accordingly.

But what about clothing? It’s one of the most polluting industries in the world. What can we do about it that’s impactful and yet easy, that could help stop much of the pollution before it’s all created?”

The Mantis World team has committed that, by 2021, every fibre used in the making of its garments will be sustainable. In the case of cotton, that means switching to organic, which is grown without chemicals that are potentially toxic to the earth and also the cotton farmers; and for polyester, it means choosing the recycled (rPET) instead of the virgin variety.

Will it be more expensive? Mantis World says it is determined to minimise or even negate any increases in price but yes, organic does cost more – “however it is important to note that it’s only pennies involved,” says the brand.

“Organic cotton is slower to grow, and it’s not yet as widely available as conventional but, if the stances being taken by many of the major retailers are to be considered, this will change in the coming years and already the demand for organic is outstripping supply,“ Mantis adds. “The industry has accepted increases in cotton prices over the past few years, and the benefits of sustainable fibres are undeniable.”

Proving that sustainability is no barrier to style, here are some of the styles from Mantis World‘s latest range of new products.


already the demand for organic is outstripping supply

The new Women‘s Crop Hoodie has thumbholes and extra long cuffs

The unisex ‘One‘ Short Sleeved Sweat

The Women’s Flash Dance T is made from 100% organic cotton

Let’s dance (and more) The Women’s Flash Dance T (M129) and Sweat (M128) both combine a bit of retro inspiration with great fabrics to create styles that offer “perfect modern looks“. With wide necks and boxy silhouettes, they’re roomy, comfy and offer great opportunities within the casualwear sector in addition to dance and fitness. From yoga to the barre, they’re perfect for decoration, and for casualwear and own-brands, they‘re perfect for big, bold, on-trend slogans. “With great quality, totally desirable looks and wearability, they’re destined to do their job and promote your brand long after fast fashion styles have gone to holes or been thrown out,“ says Mantis. The tee is made from 100% organic cotton, and the sweat from organic cotton with a touch of rPET, and both have a tear-off label, as is standard on all Mantis World garments.

Break out in a (short sleeve) sweat “The new style on both the T-shirt and sweatshirt block!“ exclaims Mantis. “Proving that some trends really do make sense, the new unisex ‘One‘ Short Sleeved Sweat (M135) offers all the easy-wear advantages of a tee, but with extra oomph as it’s made in a loop-back French terry fabric.“ Whether hanging on retail rails or packed in gym bags for post-workout use, this unisex style, available in black and heather grey, is also made in an organic cotton-rich fabric with a touch of rPET. Wear it oversized, wear it ‘to-fit‘, print it, embroider it; with drop shoulder and straight hem, it’s functional with form, says Mantis.

The long and the short of it “Hoods: we all love them and they’ve more than proved themselves in terms of staying power,” says the brand. Mantis’s new Women’s Crop (M140) and Extra Long Length (M142) hoodies echo the hoodie retail trends. Both feature thumbholes, extra long cuffs, a straight fit, a generous hood and extra-long drawcords. In a quality French terry fabric with smooth outer surface, and whether or not sustainability’s your ‘thing‘, they’re hoodies with edge that are great for fashion, fitness, dance and general wear.