Direct-to-film transfer technology joins MagiCut HTV textile flex, print-and-cut technology and toner-based transfers

TheMagicTouch (TMT) has confirmed the introduction and development of the latest digital transfer technology – direct-to-film (DTF).

DTF “This exciting new innovation is the process garment decorators have been waiting for: water-based inks for dark garments with no pretreatment required and suitable for polyester, cotton, sportswear, performance fabrics, piqué, canvas, denim and even leather,” reports TMT, adding that DTF transfer prints promise excellent wash-durability and stretch properties.

The R-Jet Pro 600 DTF printer offers a 600mm PET roll-fed device complete with automated finishing unit to cure the printed transfers and apply a hot-melt powder. “The solution offers real production capabilities at a cost per full-colour transfer as never seen before in the digital transfer arena,” advises TMT.

TMT/Ricoh CMYK A4 printer This month will see the arrival of the new entry-level TMT/Ricoh toner colour printer. It offers compatibility with all transfer papers and includes the latest SpaceControl basic RIP for colour and transfer paper management.

TMT’s managing director Jim Nicol explains: “The new TMT/Ricoh A4 printer is simply the best value CMYK entry-level option ever for our unique transfer process: it’s quick, compact, with outstanding image quality and very affordable. Using the latest toner compound innovation, the durability of transfers, especially for textiles, offers outstanding results on 100% cotton, denim, nylon, polyester and even leather. Plus, when not used for producing transfers it’s the perfect plain paper duplex office printer.” The entry-level printer is both PC- and Mac-compatible.

“TheMagicTouch toner-based transfer options allow those yet to benefit from transfer technology to do so without the financial risk or any serious capital investment,” Jim adds.

Sublimation for the nation DyeSubMagic (the sublimation entity of TMT in the UK) continues as a platinum partner with Sawgrass Technologies, “world leaders in sublimation inks and printers”. The company offers the latest sublimation printers, including the A4 (SG500) and A3 (SG1000) models, both featuring upgrades and re-engineering to produce images up to 1,200 x 1,200dpi and “reliability as never seen before”. They come with SubliJet UHD inks, which have an extended two-year shelf life, colour management software and an all-in-one print driver. Access to creative studio artwork, templates and application tips is also included.

“The sublimation transfer process is enjoying a new lease of life with an increasing range of quality printable products and applications available,” notes TMT. “It’s no longer just about printing white polyester-coated mugs, which to be fair remains one of the largest selling promo products in the world!” Customers have a wide choice of products that are compatible with the process, including garments, vacuum water bottles, enamel mugs, bags, caps, facemasks, holdalls and phone pouches.

MagiCut: “As easy as 123!” TMT is currently celebrating 20 years of supplying its range of 123Flex and 123Premium flex products in the UK. The 123Flex rolls offer users the ability to apply transfers to garments at temperatures as low as 110°C, reducing the risk of any scorching or marking from heat presses on sensitive garments and fabrics.

The MagiCut HTV range includes the 123Flex products in 41 colours alongside 40 vibrant flock colours, 23 pearl glitter colour options, and a growing range of holographic, reflective and metallic versions.

The print-and-cut market is served with the Soldark printable PU media for use with eco-solvent, solvent and latex printers. Soldark is available in three roll widths.

Zoom and Teams demonstrations This year, TMT has expanded the frequency of its in-house product training and marketing seminars by incorporating both Zoom and Teams technology, making the experience more interactive and worthwhile.

Jim comments: “Since the pandemic began we have experienced a considerable rise in customers attending our online seminars. Most customers find it difficult to focus on their sales and marketing while also fulfilling their existing day-to-day demands. Experience and feedback from customers confirm our business support plays a major role in helping make their marketing more cost-effective, and delivers real results.”

The MagiCut HTV range includes 40 vibrant flock colours