Bestsellers from an endlessly growing collection, with more sustainable products on the way

Regatta Professional is forever growing its ranges, with the ‘workwear giant’ promising that its collection is now so versatile there isn’t a single workforce it hasn’t got covered. With so many layers and options available for specific industries and wearers, we’re taking this opportunity to shine a light on the most popular products from the brand.

The Dover Regatta Professional says that its best-loved outer layer, the Dover, enables teams and individuals to stay smart and stylish when work takes them outdoors. “The Dover, available in both men and women’s styles, boasts many qualities; it’s waterproof, windproof, has taped seams and comes with a warming fleece lining – the ideal blend to see off harsh winter weather,” says the brand. “It’s all packaged up in a stylish and bulk-free bomber design, enabling people to carry on with their work with nothing getting in the way.”

Inspired by the success of its Honestly Made range, the Dover will soon be available to buy in an eco-version, where the jacket is made using recycled polyester yarns. The Eco Dover will have all the same qualities as the original, but as a much more sustainable option for those looking to reduce their environmental impact.

Regatta Professional’s Honestly Made range has been a huge success, reports the brand. “Launching in 2019, Regatta Professional created the workwear industry’s first 100% recycled fabric and insulation clothing. 

The Dover is Regatta Professional’s best-loved outer layer, and will soon be available in an eco-version that uses recycled polyester yarns

The Honestly Made clothing is crafted from plastic bottles collected from recycling centres, which are then processed and spun into thread. Where Honestly Made uses waste plastic to create its products, the new Eco Dover calls upon waste polyester that would otherwise be sent to landfill. Both sustainable options create a high-quality product with all the benefits you’d expect of Regatta Professional’s advanced design and technical qualities.”

The Ablaze Another very popular outer layer, the Ablaze caters to more autumnal weather with a bulk-free design that is perfect for working with agility outdoors.

“The softshell is both warm and waterproof, so it’s ideal for changeable weather,” explains Regatta Professional. “The three layers create a super-breathable piece to keep you fresh wherever your day takes you, and the natural stretch of the softshell fabric moves with you.”

With a range of bright and conventional colours and its “super-printable abilities” via screen, transfer and vinyl, it’s no surprise that the Ablaze is up there with Professional’s bestsellers. Like the Dover, the Ablaze is being packaged up in an eco-version crafted entirely from recycled polyester yarn – preventing landfill waste and creating a more circular clothing industry.

Assistant marketing manager Megan Pacey comments: “Despite our Honestly Made range being such a huge hit with 11 products and growing, we’re still in the early days of our sustainable journey. Being a little greener is definitely a little better, and we’re proud to be leading the way and doing our bit for the environment. Whilst we create more sustainable options, we’re committed to building on our most popular pieces – they’re best-loved for a reason and we owe it to our customers to keep those products alive and thriving.”

The Thor III Completing the trio of Regatta Professional’s most popular products, the Thor III is “the ever-reliable fleece that has evolved over the years to create a garment that performs under pressure. It’s crafted from an anti-pill fleece fabric for long-lasting wear and it’s quick-drying too, drawing moisture away from the skin to keep you comfortable. The super-soft fleece comes with durable and soft cuffs to give the secure feel of a jacket,” reports the brand. Not only that, the Thor III is now compatible with interactive jackets, attaching to them via the zip to act as an extra-warm lining, making it the perfect choice for changeable weather.

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