A wide range of market-leading screen printing consumables and equipment from I-Sub’s sister company

Alex Taylor, managing director, Matrix Inks

Matrix Inks is a leading supplier of screen printing consumables and equipment to the UK market. “You may be familiar with our sister company, I-Sub, which has been supplying textile-related machinery, including Roq, since 2001,” explains the company. “Matrix Inks was launched to service and support the growing number of Roq customers in the UK with inks and equipment.”

Matrix offers a wide range of market-leading consumables and equipment, including MagnaColours inks, Exile’s Spyder computer-to-screen machines, Inpro screen reclaiming equipment and Ink Cups Tagless printers. “We offer UK-wide support remotely and on-site, which is essential in today’s demanding market,” Matrix points out.

MagnaColours partnership “From day one, our team has wanted to be the front-runners of new technology, and we see that the market is requesting more water-based ink,” says Alex Taylor, Matrix’s managing director. “We partnered with MagnaColours to offer UK supply and support.”

The company also offers, in partnership with the MagnaColours, the ‘Make the Switch’ programme to help its customers make an easy and smooth transition to printing with water-based inks.

“The MagnaColours ranges offer exceptional quality and the highest compliance in the industry with the recent addition of ZDHC Level 3,” notes Matrix.

“ZDHC Confidence Level 3 means that over 55 MagnaPrint and MagnaTrans Oeko-Tex Eco-Passport-certified inks and additives also meet the ZDHC Manufacturing Restricted Substances List and are verified as being responsibly manufactured. This is extremely important to our client base, especially those who supply major online and high street retailers plus the sportswear industry.”

Ink Cups Matrix is also the exclusive UK distributor for Ink Cups printers. “We are also currently seeing a high demand for Ink Cups pad printers, which provide high speed with low print costs,” reports the company. Ink Cups machines can be used for many applications, such as garment neck labels and on products including hard hats, glassware, and promotional items. “The Ink Cup Tagless system is the ultimate solution for neck labels due to the cost of print being less than £0.01 and the printers offering production speeds of over 700+ impressions per hour,” it notes.

The Ink Cups Tagless system can be used to print garment neck labels at less than 1p per print

“The ink technology allows for instant-dry prints with a complete cure in 48 hours with no dryer needed.” The Tagless inks are compliant with Oeko-Tex 100 Class 1/RSL, Adidas A01, Nike RSL and CPSIA plus Reach.

Showroom and ink kitchen Matrix’s office and showroom in Plymouth features a purpose-built ink kitchen with state-of-the-art dispenser systems, enabling same-day Pantone matching on any of the MagnaPrint ranges. Matrix’s team has grown in size due to continued demand and the company is currently looking for two additional team members for sales and admin support.

“We are also about to launch some new products, so keep an eye out for these!” it adds. The company offers advice to all screen printers operating at many different levels – from start-up to expansion to multiple machines. “We can advise on everything from machinery to inks to pre-press chemicals,” says Matrix.