Hand-built in Italy and used by the likes of Prada, Adidas, Dolce & Gabbana, Reebok and Yves Saint Laurent, Lotus heat presses are manufactured to be operated day in and day out “and won’t let you down, no matter how hard you work them”

“Hand-built in Italy since 1972, Lotus presses use high-grade, European-sourced materials, electronics and wiring to ensure their longevity surpasses all others – and with a UK/EU directive for sustainable electrical items, known as the ‘right to repair’ law coming into effect this summer, it puts decorator equipment, and especially heat presses, in the spotlight,” reports UK distributor Dae Ha UK.

A heat press for everyone Lotus presses are available in manual, semi-automatic or pneumatic versions, from small formats such as the mini LTS 12, which measures 13cm x 12cm, to the industrial-sized and patented LTS 1600M membrane presses at 180cm x 100cm. Custom-sized presses and unique features are also readily available. Manufactured to be operated day in, day out, all Lotus press upper platens are designed to be “incredibly ergonomically friendly and effortless to use”. Dae Ha UK says this reduces strain and fatigue on the user’s upper body, “making them a must-have piece of equipment when it comes to staff welfare”.

Lotus and Dae Ha Promotion throughout 2021 Lotus and Dae Ha UK have a promotion running throughout 2021 whereby customers receive an eWallet credit on the Dae Ha UK website that can be spent against multiple orders for the HTV it manufactures. It’s worth 20%* of the value of the press purchased, with no time limit on the eWallet. *Total order value(s) including VAT and any applicable delivery charges.

Mika-Tech heating technology Lotus is the only heat press manufacturer to use the Mika-Tech smart heating technology, which Dae Ha UK says provides “the most accurate and even heating of the platen on the market”.

Unlike the traditional coil heating element which snakes around the platen, Lotus uses individual Mikanit heating rods which span the entire surface area of the platen. “This ensures a very fast warm-up and even and constant temperature with extended durability,” says the distributor. “These heating rods can be individually replaced in-situ for very little cost, unlike the traditional coil elements whereby the whole platen needs to be replaced.”

Not all presses are created equal Thanks to its modular design, only a single heat press is required to print shirts, jackets, bags, lanyard keychains, and even caps; a variety of support plates can be quickly and conveniently interchanged, and no extra tools are needed.

The design aspect of Lotus presses is a major feature, as all electrical components can be replaced in-situ, with plug-and-play parts for the control panel, heating rods and cap sets. Lotus presses are built to last: robust welds and heavy gauge materials are used throughout each press to ensure that they will not warp, flex or bend over time. Protective heat-resistant Nomex covers on the bottom plate protect the printing plate from discolouration, and its smooth properties ensure you can slide your garments effortlessly across the support plate.

Other features include a heat-resistant and dimensionally stable silicone rubber mat and a pressure plate support for optimum pressure distribution during the transfer process. Small bumps such as seams, buttons or similar are pressed into the silicone mat so that the transfer surface remains flat. In addition, an easy-to-clean Teflon cover protects the heating plate from dirt and adhesives that might burn.

Advantage Lotus “Lotus presses are durable, extremely robust, and come with a two-year warranty for all parts, and a 10-year warranty for the unique heating elements,” notes Dae Ha UK.

“With many heat press manufacturers to choose from, you need to be sure you’re going to get a great return on your investment: a press that won’t let you down, no matter how hard you work it. This is where Lotus comes into its own.”