The latest Mimaki textile printers offer even greater fabric and ink choices

“With textile printing continuing to enjoy significant growth and a booming personalisation market, Mimaki’s latest textile and dye sublimation printers offer garment decorators and fabric printing companies an unrivalled choice in how they deliver creative prints onto almost any material,” says Hybrid Services, the Mimaki distributor for the UK and Ireland.

Mimaki Tx300P-1800MkII The innovative Mimaki Tx300P-1800MkII enables both direct printing onto fabric and dye sublimation printing onto heat transfer paper thanks to its ‘hybrid’ functionality (a combination of an advanced, interchangeable platen and the ability to install two ink sets on the one machine). This makes it ideal for companies looking to deliver a varied range of applications, such as fashion, sportswear, soft signage, décor, furnishings and flags — in fact, it makes it possible to print onto almost any natural or man-made fabric. 

“A significant feature of Tx300P MkII is its ability to run two ink sets, which affords unparalleled flexibility for print companies, designers, universities and bureaus to offer a broad range of products, unconstrained by ink type,” Hybrid explains. “Add in the capability to print both direct and via paper transfer, and businesses can really expand their print operation, quite conceivably offering a cushion, textile lightbox and sports jersey in the space of a few hours!”


The new Mimaki TS100-1600 dye sublimation model can be used for sportswear, fashion and accessories as well as onto rigid objects such as mugs and water bottles

Digital print enables completely bespoke designs to be created on an array of substrate types

Mimaki TS100-1600 “With the web-to-digital print sector continuing to perform very strongly, as distanced families and friends gift customised presents, furnishings and prints, wide format sublimation printers offer a great opportunity to provide a variety of products to this sector,” Hybrid points out. “The new Mimaki TS100-1600 model is an exciting addition to the range, offering impressive productivity at an entry level price.”

Suitable for printing to transfer paper prior to sublimating onto polyester material, the TS100-1600’s potential applications include sportswear, fashion and accessories, soft signage and lightboxes, furnishings and décor as well as output to incorporate into rigid products such as polyester-coated signboards, plaques, mugs and promotional items.

Hybrid says the new model from Mimaki “provides a unique opportunity” for companies to meet the demands of the rapidly growing sublimation market. “Positioned with an entry-level price yet an incredible maximum speed of 70sqm/hr, the TS100-1600 sets a new standard for printing sportswear, apparel, furnishings, soft signage, and more.”

Opportunities to diversify Both Mimaki printers also offer routes into new areas for companies more used to supplying the garment decoration market. “The retail and leisure sectors all benefit from utilising textile graphics, with lightboxes, window displays and other fabric installations set to decorate the high street and hospitality environments as consumers return. Plus, the demand for bespoke fashion and décor continues to grow, with consumers enjoying the opportunity to style important areas of their lives.”

Hybrid points out that the advantage of digital print is that it enables customised, localised and completely bespoke designs to be created, with varying length print runs delivered swiftly, at high quality and onto an array of fabric types. “Available through Hybrid’s network of authorised reseller partners, the two new textile printers continue Mimaki’s heritage of fabric printing that extends back to the 1990s,” states the company.

For further details, sample swatchbooks or more information, visit the Hybrid website.