A wide range of equipment suitable for businesses of all sizes and experience

Whether you are an established business or just starting out, Amaya says it has the expertise to help you decide on your next step.

“Amaya has one of the widest ranges of equipment in the industry, which will allow us to offer you the exact match for your business,” says the company, which has showrooms demonstrating its full range of equipment in both Nottinghamshire and Hampshire.

Amaya is a DTG specialist offering a choice of three DTG printer manufacturers: the Polyprint TexJet entry-level printers, Roland DTG for mid-level, and the fully industrial Kornit Digital range.

Polyprint TexJet The Polyprint range, which comprises the TexJet Shortee2 and the larger TexJet Echo2 printers, is ideal if you are starting in DTG and looking to print up to 80 shirts a day. “Both printers are very economical, require minimum maintenance and can be left with the power off for around 30 days without the white ink clogging.” The TexJet printers also work with the latest technology in DTF production, allowing transfers to be produced which can be applied to non-cotton-based fabrics.

Kornit Digital Amaya also offers the Kornit range of high-production, industrial DTG printers that have built-in pretreatment systems. The current models available are the Storm HD6, Avalanche HD6, Atlas, Atlas Max, Vulcan Plus and “the pioneer in DTG on polyester”, the Avalanche Poly Pro. “The cost per print is very low and, with production runs of up to 500 pieces, competes easily with screen print without the time-consuming, costly set-up. Kornit X, web-to-print software, is also available, giving seamless production flow from customer order to shipping.”

Roland XT640S The new kid on the block is the Roland XT640S. “This falls in the middle of the above two brands in terms of production and has the advantage of 12 platens, which can be configured to print multiple designs at the same time,” explains Amaya. “The high level of Roland reliability and support comes as standard.”

Melco modular embroidery machines Melco introduced its modular system over 19 years ago and has produced several models, with the latest being the Melco EMT16X.

“Traditional multi-head embroidery machines require all embroidery machine heads to operate in unison.

“This means that a bobbin change, threadbreak, or other issue on one head requires all other heads to stop until the issue is resolved.

“In contrast, with Melco EMT16X embroidery machines, a bobbin change or threadbreak does not require all the other heads to stop sewing – they keep working even when one head has stopped.”

Melco’s modular embroidery machine system allows the other heads to keep working when one has stopped

Roland print-and-cut plus UV printers Amaya offers a complete selection of print-and-cut systems from the Roland True Vis range, all of which are ideal for producing heat transfers, stickers, banners, posters and much more. The Roland’s LEF2 range of desktop UV LED printers can print onto hard or soft substrates, which can be either flat or curved. These flatbed printers have a choice of different ink configurations and can print onto objects up to 200mm thick.

Oki White Toner Printers and Forever Transfer Paper If you are looking to produce full-colour designs on dark and light products at a lower budget, then Amaya recommends the Oki White Toner printers teamed up with the Forever Transfer Paper. Both the Oki Pro8432WT and the Oki Pro9541WT can print on textiles, wood, metal, glass, slate, plastic and much more.

Sef garment film and vinyl Amaya stocks a wide range of SEF garment film and flocks. The newest product, Rocket Cut, is suitable for printing onto cotton, polyester and polycotton, and available in 25 different colours. A true hot-peel HTV, it cuts and weeds easily, reports Amaya. Rocket Cut can be applied at 150°C or 125°C, and is ideal for delicate and technical fabrics.

Heat presses Amaya also offers a wide range of state-of-the-art heat presses, which complement all of the above processes.