Dae Ha UK launches new user-friendly PU films and futuristic plotter-cutters

This autumn will see the arrival of new PU and Digital PU films from Dae Ha – a leading Korean manufacturer and global supplier of high-quality heat press CAD-Cut and printable (digital) vinyls for T-shirts, sports shirts, textile and garments. DH One Flex and DH One Print are described as “quite possibly the most user-friendly PU films ever produced, offering an unrivalled quality-to-price ratio”.

DH One Flex and DH One Print

DH One Flex will feature easy-to-see plotter cut lines, allowing cutting to the finest of detail, and will be “very easy to weed” with a medium/ low tack release film. It offers 120°C temperature application and a five-second press, plus hot-peel and multi-layering with “superb stretch and rebound properties”. The transfers are said to be soft and silky, and thin at 30 microns. One Flex will be available from September in black and white, with all remaining 40 colours available from November. DH One Print is an upgraded version of Dae Ha’s Digital PU, which now includes TrueVis and MAX 3 ink compatibility. Available in four widths up to 1,500mm, One Print PU is “extremely easy to use” and boasts similar features to One Flex.

The Dae Ha Stretch Metallic HTV colour range is bigger than ever

The new Rhinotec RC Xa-Series of plotter-cutters will launch this autumn

Stretch and glitter films

The Dae Ha Stretch Metallic HTV colour range has recently grown to 44 colours and patterns. Exclusively manufactured by Dae Ha Korea, (and also known as Soft Metallic HTV outside the UK) this product range is said to “provide a stunning transfer for clothing, bags and fabric accessories”. Dae Ha UK suggests that this “incredibly versatile HTV” means printers can now forget about CAD- Cut adhesive and foil combinations in favour of this “all-in-one version”. Continuous product development is a hallmark of the Dae Ha brand, which “innovates and adds value without compromising on its signature quality”. As well as the new product additions, it also offers “world- leading” glitter films, printable glitter, silicone film, brushed PU and films for sublimation printing.

Cutter plotter

Also arriving at Dae Ha UK this autumn will be the futuristic-looking Rhinotec RC Xa-Series of plotter-cutters. The machines will feature a user-friendly, high-speed and versatile 630mm cutting system and automated contour cut ability, and will support software such as CorelDraw, Adode Illustrator, Artcut and Signcut. The RC Xa-Series is backed by a two-year (new exchange) warranty. Rhinotec plotter-cutter users also benefit from thousands of ready-to-use pictures, mock-ups, templates and other creative content within Rhinotec Explore – a one-stop exclusive access area, specially created for Rhinotec RC Xa-Series customers to help make the creative process easier. All designs are created by the Rhinotec team of designers and added to on a daily basis. The Rhinotec RC Xa-Series will be available in cutting widths of 63cm and 130cm, exclusively through Dae Ha UK for the UK and Europe.

Heat presses

Lotus heat presses have been solely manufactured in Italy since 1972, and are available in the UK exclusively through Dae Ha UK. They range from small format models (13cm x 12cm) to industrial-size presses (180cm x 100cm), are available in manual, semi- automatic or pneumatic versions, and offer features such as quick-change platens and heated lower platens. The presses also feature unique Mika-Tech smart heating technology – “the most accurate and even heating of the platen on the market” – and are said to offer a very fast start-up time to press. “With many heat press manufacturers to choose from, you need to be sure that you’re going to get a great return on your investment – a press that won’t let you down, no matter how hard you work it,” Dae Ha UK points out. “Lotus heat presses are versatile, durable, low maintenance, and come with an industry-leading two-year warranty.”