New Cyclone autos enhance range of textile printing and drying systems for any size of print shop

Adelco has been an industry leader in textile printing and drying systems for almost 40 years and has a range of high-specification machines to suit any size of print shop. The range includes the new Adelco Cyclone automatic printing press, Kornit DTG printers, Thermotron folding and bagging machines and a full range of Adelco textile dryers that has earned an international reputation for many decades. A comprehensive showroom is open for private demonstrations and is “the perfect place to start your journey into a more streamline, economic and environmentally sound print shop”.

Screen printing presses

Adelco launched the new range of Cyclone high-speed automatic printing presses at Itma, Barcelona 2019. “The carousel was received with much interest and wide acclaim,” the company reports. The Cyclone presses are based upon robust, heavy-duty foundations to which bespoke lightweight aluminium extrusions and precision CNC parts are fitted with meticulous attention to detail. “Adding to this, the advanced control system enables the Cyclone carousel to run pin-point accuracy at extreme speeds whilst still offering incredible value for money,” promises Adelco.

This cutting-edge press comes with a whole host of features including: pin-point registration of <+ 0.02mm, designed for the most challenging screen and digital printing; optional built-in LED lights integrated into the print heads, which provide “unmatched visibility of screens during set-up and production”; and individual horizontal screen lift at each print head for maximum ink stability, better screen visibility and faster loading times as pallets remain at a constant height.

In addition, the Cyclone’s rapid-lock high-lift screen system provides easy screen cleaning access and loading of flashes into any print head position, while its servo-driven main drive gives fast, smooth index and top speeds of more than 1,000 pieces per hour. The new press is PLC controlled with HD touchscreen interface incorporating advanced features, simple set-up and full machine self-diagnosis. It has quick release, tool-free pallets, squeegees and flood bars, and is available in three print sizes: 45 x 50cm, 50 x 70cm and 60 x 80cm.

Kornit Avalanche HD6

The flagship Pro-Cure dryer


Adelco is renowned the world over for its innovative, economical, energy-efficient and highly practical textile curing systems, which are suitable for all sizes of print shops and for the curing of both digital and screen printed inks. The flagship Adelco Pro-Cure dryer range can be tailored to suit your print shop’s needs. The dryers come in a wide range of belt widths and oven lengths and are modular in design, enabling them to grow with your business. The Adelco Dual dryer has independent belts that can cure digital and screen prints, offering a ‘two dryers in one footprint’ option that’s perfect for industrial mass production. Mark Smith of Adelco comments: “Adelco has proven that high airflow and efficient exhaust systems are the best medium for curing digital and screen inks with minimum effect to fabrics. The popularity of our dryers for Kornit printing systems and conventional water-based inks is a direct result of our reputation for supplying the most efficient dryers in both curing ability and low running costs.”

DTG and folding and bagging machines

Adelco is a UK Kornit distributor and supplies a range of Kornit Digital DTG machines – from entry-level systems to industrial-scale printers. They feature inbuilt pretreatment as standard and “the lowest print costs on the market”. The ink system is water-based, non-hazardous, non- toxic and biodegradable. Kornit’s latest printer launches include the HD6 range, targeting small to medium businesses, the Atlas which is described as “the perfect industrial high-production solution”, and the Poly Pro for servicing the growing polyester activewear market. Kornit machines have such low print costs that they can compete with screen printing on small to medium production runs, according to Adelco. “As well as exceptional print quality, the bottom line is paramount and these machines can transform your balance sheet and your production line,” the company adds. Adelco is also a UK Thermotron distributor and provides a range of folding and bagging machines that complement and streamline any print shop.