Proudly supporting British manufacturing for 20 years

“2018 is a real milestone year for Sabur Ink Systems as we proudly celebrate 20 years of business,“ declares Dean Sanger, managing director of both Sabur Ink and Sabur Digital. “We are proud of our heritage and we can boast that we still supply customers that we have had on the books since our formation in 1998.”

Sabur Digital has a fully stocked 2,500 sq ft show suite, which is located just a ten-minute drive from the M1 motorway and boasts equipment from leading manufacturers including DGI, Mimaki and Roland. Sabur actively invites customers to come and test the equipment prior to their purchase so that they are confident that they have the right tool for the job.

“Our customer testimonials show that we provide them with a solution that fits with the customer and not the supplier, and that is one of the fundamental reasons that our customers stay loyal to the Sabur brand,“ explains Dean. “We may not be the cheapest, but we believe we are the best.”

Historically, Sabur has been predominantly textile-based, but in more recent times the company has extended its portfolio of products to include POS and UV printers. Any company is only as good as the staff that it employs and Sabur says it has invested in industryleading personnel to back up its product portfolio. Each sector has its own ‘product specialist‘ who has more than a decade of experience in that sector.

Textile: Aaron Burton Aaron has been with Sabur for fifteen years. His expertise in all aspects of textile printing and his wealth of knowledge of both printers and heat presses means that he can expertly guide you through the company‘s textile product portfolio, which includes DGI, Mimaki, Roland, Klieverik and Sefa.

We may not be the cheapest, but we believe we are the best

Sabur’s machinery line-up includes the latest digital printers from Mimaki

Sabur promises quick and safe delivery thanks to its fleet of distinctive Union Jack liveried vans

UV: Daniel Jeffries Dan joined Sabur after 13 years at Hybrid and has an understanding of UV printers that Sabur says “is arguably the best in the country”. Dan can demonstrate UV print solutions from Mimaki and Roland that include both roll-to-roll and flat bed printers, all of which are available to view in the company‘s show suite.

POS Eco-Solvent: Joseph Preddy Joe joined Sabur after working as a graphic designer and printer for more than 10 years. Joe‘s extensive knowledge of print thanks to having worked on the shop floor gives him an insight into what products fit with your company. “With an extensive range of eco-solvent and UV printers available from both Mimaki and Roland, your next upgrade is only a phone call away,” says Sabur.

Engineers/Technical “Our team of engineers cover the length and breadth of the country doing installs and service calls and are happy to help with any issues that you may have no matter what time of day or night,” explains the company. Each engineer has a vast amount of experience, and they constantly take part in refresher courses to ensure that they keep up to speed with any technological changes in both hardware and software.

Deliveries More than 95% of Sabur‘s deliveries are made either the same or next day. The deliveries are carried out using one of the company‘s fleet of vehicles, which allows Sabur to ensure that the goods arrive both on time and in good order.