Ink manufacturer MagnaColours has announced an agreement with MHM Direct GB that will see the screen printing machine and supplies company sell MagnaColours water-based inks in London and southern England.

MagnaColours says the agreement will allow its products to reach a wider audience, and provides MHM with the ability to supply a “complete, cost-effective solution for customers that adheres to the highest environmental standards”. The distribution agreement will be rolled out to other areas of the UK and Europe if it proves successful.

“At Magna we pride ourselves on our relationships with our customers, and working with a company that shares our values and attitudes in this area is an exciting prospect,” said Helen Parry, managing director of MagnaColours. “Through our new partnership, we have the opportunity to reach a wider customer base and educate more people about the benefits of using water-based inks, and what they’re now able to achieve using our products.”

Both companies understand the importance of education and training within the water-based screen printing industry. MHM has built a new training academy at its Derby headquarters that allows customers to have hands-on, one-on-one sessions using MHM machinery and Magna inks under the tuition of experts in screen printing.

MagnaColours also recently launched MagnaAcademy, which provides online training courses in printing with water-based inks and helps establish best practice. Both enterprises aim to help refute common misconceptions surrounding water-based ink products.

John Potter, managing director of MHM, commented: “We’ve been innovators in the screen printing industry for almost 40 years. When we began looking to expand our offering, it was important that we could work with a company who placed an equal importance on innovation and customer service. As environmental issues become increasingly important, we felt that it was necessary for us to provide a more environmentally sustainable alternative. We can now offer our customers a fully comprehensive range of pioneering inks that will help achieve a quality, cost-effective end product, with the highest environmental standards.”