The MHM Spyder II incorporates the MHM pin registration system

The MHM Spyder II direct-to-screen system is an exclusive version of Exile Technologies’ Spyder II system that incorporates the MHM pin registration system. “Press set-up times are significantly reduced with automatic screen registration from the Spyder to the MHM press; and with no need for vacuum hold down or a glass on the exposure unit, ‘pinholes’ and ’touching-in’ will become a thing of the past,” says MHM Direct GB.

“The Spyder II uses a special solid ink technology to maximise the UV-blocking properties of the stencil and produce a clean and smooth halftone dot for screen rulings up to 110 lpi. The machine is blisteringly fast, imaging a typical T-shirt size screen stencil in under a minute. Spyder II is perfect for busy screen rooms looking to reduce labour, improve print quality and speed up job turnaround,” the company adds.

MHM Direct carries a full range of complementary products for the Spyder II, including an upright LED UV exposure system specifically designed for direct-to-screen, and the Premium 100 Automatic Screen Coater and Aquatec Automatic Screen Developing Machine, both of which are from Zentner Systems in Germany.

“When these solutions are combined with the Spyder II, the fully automated ‘digital screen room’ becomes a reality,” concludes MHM Direct GB.


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