The iQ-Oval from MHM Direct GB

To kick things off for 2017, MHM Direct GB installed another three new iQ-Oval machines during January, and is installing a further iQ-Oval in its new showroom and training academy.

According to MHM Direct GB, the patented iDS intelligent drive system makes the iQ-Oval unique and “one of the fastest oval presses available”. The iDS drive motors will stop immediately upon sensing the slightest obstruction, eliminating the need for any security barriers, making this a safe and easy machine to operate.

“An individual drive motor located on every pallet arm means all pallet arms are independent from each other and every station has its own independent locking point to provide greater registration accuracy than any other press available. That’s an engineering fact, so you can forget about registration problems forever and enjoy precise repeatability and perfect registration accuracy 100% of the time,” says MHM Direct GB.

The iQ-Oval is part of a full range of presses available from MHM Direct GB. The X-type Plus is a compact press, the S-type Xtreme is a “highly relied upon industry standard press”, while the Synchroprint 5000 combines innovative design along with advanced technology such as the automatic GOTO screen registration set-up.

All machines use the M-Touch Pro main command unit with its simple ‘finger-tip’ controls for all main press functions and full wi-fi capability for instant, real-time technical support.


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