MHM Direct GB, a UK distributor of screen printing and DTG equipment and supplies, has announced today (14 January 2019) that it has signed a UK distributorship agreement with Vastex International, a US-based manufacturer of manual screen printing equipment and accessories.

John Potter, managing director of MHM Direct GB, said: “We will offer the full range of Vastex equipment, including manual screen printing presses in various configurations up to 10-colours, infrared conveyor dryers, flash cure units, LED screen exposure units and screen drying cabinets, screen registration systems and accessories. We will also have a range of Vastex equipment on display at our modern showroom facility here in the Midlands.”

He continued: “Vastex has a fantastic reputation for incredibly robust ‘over-built’ equipment and this quality and durability is backed up by one of the best warranties in the industry – up to 25 years on manual presses and up to 15 years on heating elements for the infra-red dryers – giving customers total peace of mind when investing in their equipment. Another excellent feature with most of the Vastex equipment including presses and dryers is that they are modular, allowing customers to expand their original configuration as their business grows, enabling them to concentrate on their business more effectively without the worry, hassle and expense of needing to replace their equipment as they begin to expand.”

MHM Direct GB will also offer a range of “complete shop packages” that it says are suitable for all types of customers, from those that want to operate a small screen printing business with minimal floor space through to commercial facilities producing thousands of garments each day.

The full Vastex product range will shortly be uploaded and available on the MHM website.