The MHM iQ-Digital – here, with covers open during testing

“In our opinion, all attempts to combine digital modules with screen printing machines up to now have failed in delivering a satisfying performance, especially in terms of production speeds,” says John Potter of MHM Direct GB. “With MHM’s rich heritage as an industry pioneer, we rose to this challenge and decided to embark on a new path to find and create a viable solution: the revolutionary MHM iQ-Digital.”

According to John, this is “the first and only hybrid machine which can compete in both fields”. He reports that whether the MHM iQ-Digital is used purely as a digital machine or combined with screen printing, “incredible production rates up to 1100 shirts per hour are no longer just a dream”. Foiling, flocking and special effects on the same machine at the same time are possible, and pre-treatment, pre-printed white underbases and discharge inks are all a reality. “With the new MHM iQ-Digital you enter a new world of unlimited options,” he says.

Printing on both sides of the oval, the MHM iQ-Digital bridge can personalise two garments in one high-speed pass. “Extremely fast low and high quantity production runs are realised by using the proven digital technology of Ricoh print heads along with the proven reliability of the MHM iQ-Oval and, with a maximum print area of 63 x 120 cm, the MHM iQ-Digital is the first hybrid solution for true high-volume and high-quality textile printing,” John concludes.


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