Screen printing machinery manufacturer MHM has confirmed its acquisition by current CEO Thomas Fröhlich and Loser Holding, the German owner of the Tesoma dryer brand. Prior to the management buyout, MHM had been owned by Italian company Arioli Group for seven years.

Thomas, who has been with MHM since 1993 and CEO since 2012, reported that in the past three years turnover has doubled and employment across the company has increased by 30%. “I know the company inside out,” he explained. “Two months ago there was a chance to arrange a management buyout: it seemed the next logical step to shift MHM into a new area. The management team, together with strategic investor Loser Holding, have great plans for the future.”

He added that MHM will continue to work closely with Arioli on the digital side as the company provides the digital base for the MHM IQ Digital machine.

Thomas continued: “I’d like to take the opportunity to thank Carmelo Zocco, owner of Arioli Group, for his support, and also that of our customers and MHM agents and dealers, and of course the team at MHM.”

John Potter, managing director of UK distributors MHM Direct GB, added: “We’re really excited by the opportunities this buyout offers our customers in terms of both product development and even higher levels of service.”

MHM will continue to work with the company’s previous owners, Arioli Group, on the iQ Oval machine