Melco has launched a cloud-based service that generates product previews and embroidery-ready files using data submitted by users via e-commerce websites.

The embroidery machine manufacturer has developed Melco Fusion to allow decorators’ customers to personalise and customise garments with embroidery in a web shop, providing up to four visualisations of a design from different angles.

It creates production-ready files for all embroidery machines, saving time and money as decorators will no longer have to create them manually. For Melco machines, settings such as the embroidery hoop and colour information are sent to the machine.

It provides a fully digitised OFM file that can be exported. A QR code on the production file can be scanned directly to a Melco embroidery machine.

Melco Fusion can reduce time to market because a product can be changed in a few minutes without taking photographs.

It can be integrated into web shops, or a Melco customer can use one of the plugins that the company has developed for Shopify and Shopware.

Announcing the launch, Melco stated: “By helping to increase the margin and offering new business models, Melco Fusion improves the business of an embroidery company.

“Fusion is a must-have for embroidery companies that want to stay competitive in today’s market. With Fusion, customers can personalise and customise products quickly and easily, reducing the stock risk and providing a higher margin.”

Melco embroidery machines are distributed in the UK through Amaya Sales UK.