Schulze has launched two new heat presses this year: the E-Powerpress and Swing Duo Pneu

The E-Powerpress is Schulze’s first electrically operated transfer press with two work surfaces. It opens and closes automatically – and soundlessly, as no compressor is required. The Swing Duo Pneu is an automatic opening and swivelling transfer press with two workstations. It has a touch display and can be operated one-handed or by foot, and includes a safety frame.

Peter Meidinger Schulze’s CEO, provides some insight on the development and applications of the new machines.

What prompted Schulze to develop these two new heat presses?
Many people are dissatisfied with a manual transfer press because a lot of force/power is required. We have noticed that there is a need to produce more pieces; the manual presses require much more eff ort to produce higher quantities. Therefore, we developed the machines to speed up and facilitate the work of users.

What substrates are they best suited to?
Due to the large temperature range, which allows a reliable continuous operation from 0 to 220ºC (and maximum 5 bar pressure), the processing of all substrates and materials up to a thickness of 20mm is guaranteed without any problems.

Both transfer presses are available in standard sizes of 38 x 45cm and 40 x 50cm. All Schulze transfer presses can also be individually replaced with different heating and base plates as required.

The new Swing Duo Pneu from Schulze

No compressor is needed for the E-Powerpress

What are the standout features of the Schulze Swing Duo Pneu?
The special feature of the Swing Duo Pneu is the comfortable, one-hand operation or optional foot switch operation. The safety frame provided at the factory ensures a safe operation. The automatic swivel and press function can be activated to move the heating plate automatically from right to left and start the pressing process automatically.

And what about the Schulze E-Powerpress; what are its main selling points?
This machine is for all customers that prefer a quiet operation as the machine has no compressor and therefore no noise. It works almost noiselessly. Furthermore, the Schulze E-Powerpress only requires a 230 volt power supply and there is no requirement for compressed air lines.

What are the main trends in heat press development and what can we expect in the future?
The introduction of the magnetic switch, which enables automatic opening of the heating press in manual presses, was a milestone in heat press development. Plus, more and more standard presses are now equipped with two worktops to allow more efficient working and higher production. In the future, we’ll see machines that are faster, more intelligent and more networked.